Eurostoves Range Safety Knobs

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World's First Locking Safety Knob for Pro Style Ranges

All range knobs are essentially the same.  They can be simply turned on


The Range Safe Knob is different.  We set out to make a set of eurostoves range safety knobs that would not only fit a wolf range or Viking range/range top plus other manufacturers but was easy to turn on INTENTIONALLY and operate normally, but made the “ACCIDENTAL and INQUISITIVE” operation of a burner much more difficult, if not impossible for small children and pets. Yes, pets do turn on ranges and range tops.  According to the International Fire Chiefs Association report of January 9th 2013,  "11% of injuries originate on the stove top, not during cooking but when a child or pet inadvertently turns on the burner."  The Range Safe Knob prevents this. In order to operate a standard pro style range or range top knob all you need to do is to push and turn, with the Range Safe Knob you need to pinch both sides of the knob then push and turn, making the operation a 3 stage process. The Range Safe Knob was conceived and perfected over 13 months.  Have peace of mind with Eurostoves pro style range safety knobs.

What Made us Look Into This Safety Upgrade

We have been selling kitchen appliance for over ten years (Eurostoves). A customer who purchased a range from us came into the store asking if there was an after market knob or mechanism that could be fitted to his range because they nearly had a disastrous event that previous night. While everyone was sleeping the dog jumped up on the front of the range and pushed in the range knob. Because it was a simple push and turn (like all pro style range knobs) the weight of its paw pushed the knob in and turned the knob at the same time, so the burner was ignited. They had left a pan on the stove by accident with food in it from dinner. The food in the pan burnt to a crisp and created a huge amount of smoke. Can you imagine what it must have been like to have the fire alarms go off in the middle of the night and actually wake to find the house filled with smoke?

They gathered the 2 children from their beds and evacuated the house. They woke a neighbor to call the fire department. The Fire Department came and thankfully informed the home owner nothing was actually on fire, it was just a pan on the range with the contents burnt to a crisp. These people were the lucky ones, not all kitchen incidents end the same way as this one did......

The Search Began

I looked in all my vendor books and on the web and could only come up with plastic covers that barely work and are in my mind ugly and intrusive. My thought was, sure they make it difficult for children to turn the range on but also a pain for adults. Not to mention you need to remember to put it back in place.

I also asked myself would I want to put these plastic cheap looking covers on my Pro Style Range? - The answer was no way.... So the question then became do I do nothing or design an entirely new knob. Clearly we decided to move forward to design create and build a “ Range Safe Knob”

Current Plastic Offering

Plastic covers that are pretty much the only current offering for pro style ranges. They have the following downsides in my opinion.

1) Not attractive (Read Ugly)
2) Cumbersome and intrusive to use on a daily basis.
3) The covers need to be put back into place to make the range “safe”. (That will not happen every time, you can easily forget.)
4) Big black or clear knobs attract unwanted attention from little children