David from


"They look like exactly what I need.  I need a knob that can’t be pushed by leaning on it and turning on the gas or my son playing near it and bumping it on, worse, one of the animals pushing it and catching something on fire."

Susan from Massachusetts

"It's pretty easy to walk by the range and turn on a knob accidentally and I thought your product looked fantastic."

Jocelyn from

New York

“I work in a soup kitchen in Nyack, New York where the gas has been left on a number of times. It sounds like the Range Safe knobs is just what we need.” 

Luis from Iowa

“So happy to see you took this matter seriously. I called the manufacturer and they offered nothing to improve the safety! I keep butt Dialing mine on and almost caught it on fire last night. My back was to the stove when this happened and it truly freaked my son out to see flames shooting up from behind me! I'm looking forward to installing your safety knobs so that I might keep and enjoy my new stove. ” 

Dana from Texas

“My elderly mother has accidentally turned the gas on twice when she was home alone. Fortunately, I arrived home before any harm was done to her or the pets. So happy to have your product and most of all, peace of mind.” 

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