Bluestar range

Capital range

Wolf range

The Range Safe Knob fits all pro style ranges including

wolf, viking, Blue Star, Capital, Dacor, 

American Range & Thermador

(more to follow)

The solution to this potentially disastrous / fatal problem was to build a knob that was not only pleasing to the eye but more importantly makes the range or range top safer. The “Range Safe Knob” has a mechanism that will prevent an adult or child from pushing the knob in to start ignition Accidentally. All standard factory knobs work in the same way, you push it in and make a 1/4 turn to left or right to light the burner, very simple and straight forward but no where near as safe as the “Range Safe Knob”.

Which range or range top uses the age old two step motion to light the burner
.... ALL OF THEM....


To operate the “Range Safe Knob” you need to take one more easy but major step. All you do is to pinch both sides of the knob with your finger and thumb. that will unlock the “Range Safe Knob” allowing you then push the knob in and make a turn towards ignition as normal. Very Simple and yet very important step towards a safer home.

This extra step means you can’t turn a burner on without meaning to do so.  Gone are the days when you or a friend accidentally leans against the range and jump out of your skin when it starts to click, or a dog jumping up to see whats for dinner resulting in burner ignition, but more importantly your child who is only trying to help Mom or Dad will be seriously hampered.

Children who don’t understand the dangers of a range or range top, tend to cup the knob and not “Pinch, Push and Turn.”  this is what makes the “Range Safe Knob” not only unique but also much SAFER than any standard factory knob on any range or range top in existence today.

One of the best features of the “Range Safe Knob” is when you turn it off, it automatically goes back into the locked position. No need to remember to lift a cap back on or even pinch the sides of the “Range Safe Knob” again. the fully locking mechanism does it all for you automatically removing the risk of forgetting.

When you install your new “Range Safe Knobs” just feel the quality compared to your existing range knobs, you will be amazed at the difference.

To make sure the calibrations for the “Range Safe Knobs” are absolutely spot on, we custom laser each range knob according to your existing range or range top or BBQ.