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Eurostoves Range Safety Knobs

U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated 373,900 home structure fires per year during 2005 - 2009. These reported fires caused an annual average of 2,650 civilian fire deaths, 12,890 civilian fire injuries and $7.1 billion in direct property damage. Home structure fires are only 25% of the total U.S. reported fires, and yet they account for 79% of civilian fire deaths 75% of civilian fire injuries and 55% of direct property damage attributed to fires.

Quote....Cooking equipment is also involved in an estimated 4.7 million home fires per year that are never reported to fire departments, or two - thirds of all unreported home fires. These unreported home cooking fires are 50 times as common as reported home cooking fires and account for about 100,000 fire injuries a year, or eight times as many injuries as in reported home fires.

74% of fire related injuries originate from food cooking on a burner. Another 8% of these fires and an additional 6% of these injuries start on the stove top during cooking but involve ignition of something other than food such as a towel or clothing. An additional 13% of these fires and 11% of injuries originate on the stovetop but not during cooking but when a child or pet inadvertently turns on the burner. Accidents even happen during cleaning.

It amazes me that manufacturers or private companies have not come up with a range, range top or BBQ knob that has a locking safety feature to reduce the staggering numbers above

Home structure fires are the leading cause of fire deaths

Eurostoves Range Safety Knobs

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