The Range Safe Knob fits all pro style ranges including

wolf, viking, Blue Star, Capital, Dacor, 

American Range & Thermador

(more to follow)

From Safety Bar to the Safety Knob

We started off by accessing how can we prevent accidental or inquisitive operation of the range or range top burners.

  1. A REMOVABLE BAR .....   Downside...A pain to use and ugly...
  2. MAGNETIC COVERS.....   Downside...Ugly and you need to remember to put the covers back on, which will not happen.
  3. A TOTALLY NEW KNOB..  Downside ...Never been done. Upside... A knob with an internal  mechanism that not only locks but also looks like it should be on a Pro Style Range. Works well and achieves our goal to make a range or range top or even your BBQ much safer.

Knob Requirements

When we decided to move forward with this project. We set some goals we wanted to achieve.

  1. Prevent accidental ignition.
  2. Resists unauthorized use by toddlers.
  3. Resists unauthorized use by children and young adults with developmental disabilities.
  4. Resists use by adults with memory loss.
  5. Needed to be Pet Proof.
  6. Would not inconvenience the day to day user.
  7. Would have a fully integrated locking mechanism.
  8. We wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing to complement Pro Style Ranges or Range Tops or BBQ.
  9. Must fit several different range manufacturers offering, both existing in home ranges and new ones.  
  10. MUST MUST MUST make the Range and Home safer.

So from here we went to a company in CA who specialize in overcoming problems, thinking outside the box and designing products that work as required above. We made contact with the CA company had many conversations about the needs, requirements and goals of our project. Skipping over the 18 months of development, The end result was a fully functioning world first “Pinch, Push & Turn” Pro Style “Range Safety Knob”. That not only met my high expectations but EXCEEDED them, I am 100% sure you will be as pleased as I am with the “Range Safe Knob”

How This Knob Evolved